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For more than 60 years, discerning travelers have been choosing to spend their time relaxing on the white coral sand beach at Sandy Lane in Barbados.  I finally had the opportunity to visit this iconic luxury resort and experience first-hand what sets it apart and what makes it the kind of retreat where people consistently return.

Once you arrive at Sandy Lane you automatically feel at home; as the welcome is warm and the smiles are genuine. The view from the lobby is a dream and you are immediately filled with certainty that the next few days in front of you will be wonderful. The owners of Sandy Lane, being former guests themselves, loved it so much that decided to buy the property and turn it into an exceptional escape. After spending a few days there, I can tell you they have certainly accomplished that feat.

Sandy Lane is exceptional in every way.

The People Make the Difference…

The team at Sandy Lane is what really shines.  They are happy, truly love their job and are present with every single guest.  Every detail is paid careful attention to, no request is too difficult, and the team goes out of their way to make sure each guest is comfortable and has everything they need to be at ease. After meeting many team members and speaking with them personally, I have learned that many of them have been working for the hotel for over 20 years.  That says a lot to me, when people love their job, they do it that much better. They care.

VIP Comfort….

You feel this from the moment your plane lands in Barbados. Upon arrival, guests are immediately greeted by a member of the Sandy Lane team to take them through VIP fast track and move them through the airport seamlessly. Once your bags are gathered, your car is waiting to take you to paradise.

Incredible Room Product…

Sandy Lane offers spacious, well-appointed and beautifully decorated rooms with incredible ocean or garden views. The décor does not only exude pure elegance and sophistication, but it is also so comfortable.  Every small detail has been thought of and is available in the room for guests.

There is Plenty to Do…

The beach is absolutely breathtaking and every morning your beach chairs await you.  The water is some of the most pristine crystal blue I have ever seen, and the sand is super soft and lovely.  After an amazing day in the sun, enjoy a treatment at Sandy Lane’s incredible spa.  With an amazing, professional staff, and a tranquil relaxing environment, all your stresses will melt away and all you will know is peace. The golf courses are impeccable, so if golf is your thing, you will most certainly be in heaven. And for tennis players, there are pros on-site as well. Evenings are infused with great live entertainment of hand-picked and amazingly talented performers. Lovely way to enjoy a nightcap.

Ahhh the Cuisine….

With a new chef on the team, Chef Bertrand has two Michelin stars under his belt and offers unique, unforgettable dining experiences. Super excited to have been able to taste some of his new creations.  There are so many dining options for guests at Sandy Lane, with 5 restaurants, there are many different choices and views to enjoy during your dining experiences.

Special Occasions…

During my visit, I was able to meet a family who had been coming to Sandy Lane for years with their children.  They were there for their daughter’s wedding. Out of all the places she could have chosen for her wedding, she could not imagine anywhere other than Sandy Lane. Witnessing the special day unfolding with astute attention to the details was impressive.  Afterwards, I ended up meeting the mother of the bride while relaxing on the floating pontoon in the ocean. She told me how perfect everything was and how great the team was at executing all of it. The look on her face made it perfectly clear how thrilled she was with their experience.

Our business is built around unforgettable experiences. After my trip to Barbados, I now know that many unforgettable experiences are created at Sandy Lane.

by Heidi Gallo

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