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Introducing Deos from the Myconian Collection

We are proud to announce the opening of the 12th member of the Myconian Collection in Mykonos simply called DEOS (pronounced Theos) by Myconian. Deos is a term in Greek that means in awe, a feeling of reverence of a god or divine being. The site where this new haven is built provokes this very special sense with its magnificent position on the hillside overlooking the blues of the Aegean Sea and other islands including Delos, where civilization began. Words do not describe the intangible feeling.

Beginning May 10, the newly crafted must-see resort will bring awe to those who visit. With its hillside location, Just a 5-minute walk down the newly stone paved path to Chora, a.k.a. Mykonos, Town, the panoramic views to the horizon exude senses of escape, luxury, exclusivity. Sunsets and starry nights on the deck are without equal. The immersion in nature is enhanced by the energies of water, natural stone and indigenous landscaping which are harmonized by a contemporary Cycladic architecture. Connecting inner and outer spaces in every sense of the term, Deos invites guests to transformative experience, curated with a passion for mindful hospitality and all that is authentic about Mykonos.

As we launch this stunning addition to the Myconian Collection, we wanted each of you to know and understand the passion, gratitude, and kindness we have had the pleasure of experiencing with the Owners of Myconian Collection, the Daktylides family over the years. Thus enjoy this personal note from one of the four brothers, Vangelis Daktylides.

“I am so often asked, “Why are there so many hotels on one island?” I invite you to enter and share in the world of my family. We are proudly and deeply rooted in the essence of Mykonos, it is people and heritage. My parents set foot on its shores long before it became a global travel destination. They raised all their children with a profound sense of pride and love for their homeland, and they instilled the values of giving back to both the land and its inhabitants. It is for these reasons that my brothers and I live each day with the very spirit of the island in everything we do at the Myconian Collection. Our efforts should always reflect our gratitude and humbleness for the special life Mykonos has given us.

When we create a new hotel, it is with joy, hard labor, and from our own resources. We collaborate to ensure each new hotel embodies its own style and soul. Each has a different, ambiance attracting a client that feels they have found “their place” The five picturesque locations on the island each offer a different lifestyle to the Collections discerning clientele from having a beach steps aways, to overlooking and having town at the doorstep, to the most prestigious beach clubs withing a stones’ throw.

Beyond our business of personal hospitality, we share our knowledge, tools, and resources to contribute significantly to the island’s infrastructure. Proudly, you can find our fingerprints on the construction areas of such projects as the local hospital, housing for medical staff, improvements to the airport, and the development of local schools. Also, we are the single largest employer on the island and its neighboring isles. We like to think we play a pivotal role in shaping the local economy. Our commitment to constructing hotels and enhancing infrastructure is not all charitable as it ensures that each of my children and my brothers’ children, and generations to come, has a cherished place to call home.

I hope now you can understand “why so many hotels?” We sincerely hope everything we have done and will do is for the greater good of Mykonos, its locals, and tourism. Our vision is great, and we do indeed share a “grand plan,” and what milestones are yet to be achieved. I hope you will come to visit us and get to know Markos, Panos, Marios and myself personally. We would love to share with you our home.

Over the years we have seen hotel companies come and go. Some start in Mykonos and expand to other islands; We instead prefer to focus our commitment to the people who serve our guests every day. My family now and forever will remain steadfastly devoted to our roots and our neighbors and friends on the island.”

Highlights of Deos

  • 65 bright, beautiful suites with spacious terraces, private pools and exquisite views. Accommodations exude minimalism and warmth.  Luxury is in every detail, owing to custom fittings, natural textures, and artisanal touches balanced with a sensitive architecture.
  • Epico Restaurant is an elegant restaurant with seating that extends  onto a scenic deck serving sumptuous breakfasts, light lunches and dinners. In this superb setting, either indoors or al fresco under the stars, fine dining is a memorable experience that touches all the senses with an irresistible fusion of traditional flavors.
  • Epico Bar serves light lunches and drinks poolside throughout the  relaxed rhythms of the day before transforming into an atmospheric night spot at sunset.
  • Sana Spa is a spacious area where guests can enjoy the sauna, steam bath, a large marble pool, and a sensational relaxation area.
  • 180 degree views from the pool deck is the perfect haven for relaxation.
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