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Two-time Michelin Star winner ‘Chef de Cuisine’ Bertrand Charles leading Sandy Lane's L’Acajou.

We are honored to have two-time Michelin Star winner ‘Chef de Cuisine’ Bertrand Charles leading Sandy Lane’s kitchen brigade in L’Acajou, the culinary jewel of the Caribbean, where he now brings his expertise with him from his homeland of France. With exquisite renditions of L’Acajou’s beloved classics, along with many new mouthwatering creations, this is an experience which is not to be missed during your stay in Barbados.

  • L’Acajou Restaurant is a chic find dining restaurant in an open-air beachfront setting. Specializing in refined, modern, classical and contemporary renditions on European cuisine with an emphasis on French and Mediterranean.

A first glimpse of Sandy Lane is something you will not forget. The turquoise ocean sits beyond the marble lobby, beyond the arch of the veranda, silky and aqua, calm and magnificent. Sandy Lane is set in an ancient waterfront mahogany grove on the west coast of Barbados, famous for its pristine beaches. Coral sand and a lazy breeze follow you from the spacious balconies of each room, to the world-famous golf greens, to the superb restaurants, the world-class spa, heavenly pools and bars within. Every day the always genuine and engaged staff magically crafts the authentic Barbadian experience.