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Discover the rich history of the former Sydney General Post Office Building with The Fullerton Hotel

The Sydney General Post Office (GPO) was constructed in two stages, beginning in 1866 and designed under the guidance of colonial architect James Barnet. It was regarded as a building which would come to symbolise Sydney in the same way the Houses of Parliament in Westminster represent London and the Eiffel Tower, Paris.

On September 1, 1874, the first stage of the GPO was opened, and Sydney was mesmerised by the first major building development in Sydney. In 1891, the clock tower was finally completed and the bells rang out across Sydney for the first time.

Delve into the vibrant history and culture of Sydney’s former GPO, and let our resident tour guide bring you on a journey through time on the GPO Heritage Tour, to discover the stories, tales and legends of the city’s iconic Grand Dame. Experience the beauty of the GPO in a whole new light with our evening Heritage Tours every Thursday at 6.00 p.m.