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Chauffeur Drive Britain – Discover the Landmarks

By December 6, 2019Lush Edition

Discover the United Kingdom


By Joe Decker

In the Fall, I traveled to London with friends and family for a short weekend getaway. As, I had been there many times before, I was pleased ot just wander through this capital of history, art, finance, culture…and the list goes on. However, many of the members of my party were visiting for the first time. I began to talk to them about how we will walk from our Hotel to Buckingham Palace, and then down the river, and up through Mayfair. Even as I type this out, I understand how overwhelming this sounds. I could only imagine how my friends felt. For someone who had been so many times before, I was truly unsure how to showcase one of my favorite places to visit.

This is where using the services of Chauffeur Drive Britain become indispensable. Even in a country that speaks English, and provides very little cultural barrier to Americans, it is a difficult place to fully explore on your own, especially in a short amount of time. Theo Theodorou, the owner of Chauffeur Drive has been helping guests discover not only London, but the UK for years. Built on the base of a prestige chauffeur service, handling a range of VIP clients from celebrities, to the corporate elite. Meet greet services at Heathrow, to managing their daily schedules so they arrive to their appointments on time, and even making reservations at the hottest restaurants in the city for dinner. Him and his team are more than just drivers, but a full service “butler” navigating the city, providing your clients with access, and ensuring your clients’ have a seamless stay in London. This extends to the family who maybe traveling as well, arranging the finest blue badge guides for a visit to one of the city’s world class museums, door to door service to family friendly activities such as Harry Potter Studios, or to be your personal chauffeur as you make your own itinerary (of course with a few friendly suggestions).

As I mentioned before, on my very own journey to London. I looked to Chauffeur Drive and Theo to help my friends see something that was “touristy” but to do so in comfort and without a worry. It was arranged for us to go to Stonehenge. I provided a few details to him, such as where we were staying, party size, and about how long we wanted to be out of the city.

Our driver was waiting for us 15 minutes early outside of our accommodations. Tony was impeccably dressed, and as friendly as could be. We could tell immediately we were in capable hands. The vehicle for the day was elegant, and spacious. Which was good, as we were a group of 6, some of us being very tall. We had plenty of room and were comfortable for the entire 6 hour round trip journey. As soon as we were on the road, Tony spent some time explaining to us in detail our itinerary for the day. An hour and a half drive to Stonehenge, followed by a short tour of Salisbury, ending with lunch at a place that Theo chose himself based on a description of my group.

As we drove to Stonehenge, Tony would point out interesting landmarks, answer our questions, and provide little tidbits along the way, like what the slang Sleeping Policeman meant. We arrived 15 minutes before our scheduled tour time. Allowing us to stretch our legs, and get situated before making the walk to the ancient monument. All our tickets were pre-booked and handed to us, so we all had to do was pick up our audio guides. It was truly seamless. We were left with ample time to explore the stones, take photos, and walk through the accompanied museum. We never felt rushed that we had to make it back to the van in time to push along our itinerary. There was plenty of time built into our schedule that were were able to really soak in that we were standing in front of something that is truly historic and being in the UK that is saying something.

On our agreed upon meeting time, Tony was waiting for us with a smile, and ready to shuttle us over to Salisbury and our restaurant for lunch. After the long morning traveling, we were all ready for some food. Fitting the theme of the day, Theo chose a restaurant that was historic in its own right. The Haunch of Venison has a unique history that spans over 700 years, and while we waited for our meal, we explored the nooks and crannies of this hostelry. Some members of my group had an event to attend in the city after our tour, so we had a hard time to be back at the Hotel then make our way up to the Tower Bridge. However, we were having such a good time at the restaurant chatting and eating a wide variety of prepared venison, that I decided to talk to Tony and see how much room we had in the schedule. He was happy to accommodate and adjusted our schedule to allow us more time to relax and walk around the town. He even offered to take us directly to the Tower Bridge area instead of back to our Hotel in Mayfair. Saving us time and effort. This slight adjustment made all the difference in our afternoon. On the way back, we shared in friendly conversation, and even got a few recommendations for places to have dinner in the area, granted not that any of us were close to ready to eat again after that meal. After being dropped off, I asked my group what they thought of the service, as they don’t work in the industry and maybe wouldn’t have considered taking a private tour like this. They expressed their reluctance, with the extra cost. However, once they were on the road it felt like the only true way to do something like this. There was no worry about dealing with public transportation, working around schedules in a foreign country. Also, we never would have been able to spend our afternoon in the quaint town of Salisbury, we would have been too worried about getting back to the city on time. Stonehenge is a very common place to visit, however working Chauffeur Drive Britain made our time there all the more memorable, and most importantly worthwhile.

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