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One of France's Most Legendary Palaces, Hôtel Royal - Evian Resort Joins the Lush Experiences Collection

We are thrilled to announce a new addition to the Lush Experiences Collection, Hôtel Royal – Evian Resort. It is our great pleasure to bring you the world’s finest hotels to offer your clients as we always prioritize quality over quantity and value our relationships with both hoteliers and advisors alike. While we have declined many clients in the past year, we eagerly awaited the opportunity to work with one particular hotel. The iconic Hôtel Royal is led by Mr. Francois Dussart, General Manager, and Thierry Dal Magro, Director of Sales and Marketing, both of whom are exceptional in their field, and we have had the great pleasure of working with in the past and are excited to continue this partnership.

Hôtel Royal, a part of the grand Evian Resort on the shores of Lake Geneva. Seamlessly blending French Belle Epoque style with the rich natural beauty of the Evian estate and the Alps, the Hôtel Royal offers its guests a Michelin-starred restaurant, world class golf, a superb Kid’s Resort and coming soon, a one-of-it’s-kind spa inspired by Evian’s natural mineral water.

Hôtel Royal represents the pinnacle in elegance, comfort and unsurpassed resort offerings anywhere in the world. We look forward to re-acquainting those who remember the hotel’s previous incarnation to its brilliant renewal and innovations after a full refurbishment just a few short years ago.